Reasons why you should bring SUP into your life

Posted by Joanna on January 3rd, 2019

watsons bay stand up paddling

There are so many reasons as to why you should bring stand up paddle boarding into your life! Whether you are looking to mix up your fitness regime, seeking some outdoor adventure or simply want to add some more awesomeness into your life – SUP is the answer!

Here are some of our top reasons for why we have SUP (stand up paddling) in our lives and why you should bring it into yours too:

1. You get out amongst nature and get to embrace the salty benefits of the ocean
2. You get FIT- SUPing can be a full body workout if you want it to be
3. You will meet great, like-minded people
4. You get to inhale that unpolluted, fresh sea air
5. If you SUP then your coolness automatically increases ;)

So if you don’t want to delay this awesomeness any longer and you want to learn how to stand up paddle then book a lesson here. OR if your an experienced paddler and want to keep reaping the benefits of SUP then book onto one of our cruises or tours. See you on the water!

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