5 Tips on Keeping Cool

Posted by Joanna on December 29th, 2018

watsons bay fun stand up paddling

During a heatwave episode here’s 5 tips on keeping cool:

1. Plan your physical activities for the start of the day and preferably mornings
2. Choose a cooler activity – like SUPing, surfing or swimming! Instead of running or cycling – mornings and in the ocean are best
3. Keep a (reusable) bottle of water and remember to hydrate at regular intervals throughout the day
4. Sipping on a cool drink – water is best as skulling a freezing cold drink won’t ensure adequate hydration and effective cooling down;
5. Stay out of the hottest times of the day – they say the hottest time of the day is 3pm and we can vouch for that, especially since Watsons Bay faces directly west it can sizzle right up to sunset!!