Race Starts | Every Man & His Dog SUP Event

Posted by Joanna on January 11th, 2019

Stand Up Paddling Race Starts1

There’s deep water and land starts but for EMHD your 6km and 2km races will be deep water starts.

Race Start Tips:

  1. Place yourself a little further forward than normal just to tip the nose of your board closer to the water line and lessen the air space at the front of your board at the start signal
  2. At the anticipation of the start signal, prepare to lunge your paddle as forward as you can in order to bury your paddle and get a deep catch;
  3. Rate your stroke short and fast in order to get momentum and get your board planning as quickly as possible in order to get your moving (remember to obtain an effective catch each time)
  4. Once you’ve got your board moving you return to a longer stroke – but be prepared to mix it up your stroke rating should change depending on water & wind conditions and even what board you’re paddling and also if you’re paddling on someone’s wash etc

Good Luck!

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