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Posted by Joanna on January 11th, 2019

Stand Up Paddling Race Turn

Most courses will traverse you around a perimeter of some design, requiring you to make an effective right or left turn.

Race & Pivot Turn Tips:

Always practice your turns when you train! Effective turns have a HUGE advantage in quicker times and catching and passing people!

  1. Consider and even visualise your turn well before you approach the turning can / buoy – we’d even say even 15 metres or more before your approach!
  2. At the 5-10 metre mark of the buoy consider moving back on your board (how far back depends on the length and even design of your board and even your skill and water and wind conditions – hence lots of practice in many conditions is required!
  3. Ensure you have your paddle on the correct side for you to make your turn as you approach 3-5m off the bouy!
  4. Move back further on your board and switch into your surfing stance at 1-2m off the buoy
  5. Ensure you have a wide enough stance so whilst your back foot helps sink the fin, your front foot and even your paddle will be further up the board in order for you to lean forward at the exit phase of your turn
  6. Use your paddle to sweep wide (or even use a kiahi stroke) to assist your turn;
  7. As you lean forward to exit your turn and flatten your board use this momentum to walk forward back to your sweet spot of your board for optimum paddling

Good Luck!
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