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Posted by Joanna on January 11th, 2019

Stand Up Paddling Race Finish3

Some races will finish in deep water across a finish shoot or gate (usually passing in between 2 buoys); other races will require you to finish on the beach!

Beach Finish Tips:

  1. It’s always a good idea to have a few practice goes at finishing on the beach prior to the actual race – this way you get to familiarise yourself with the depth of the water on approach of the beach, the surface of the sand at the shore line  (is it sinking/ soft or hard sand? Are there rocks/pebbles/shells etc.?) also note the nature of the shore break.
  2. As you approach the shallow water slide yourself a slightly further back on your board to set yourself up to avoid a massive nosedive, but also avoid slowing you down if your nose dips forward; this will also assist you in slipping into your surf stance at the appropriate sweet spot approaching the shore break
  3. Prepare to disembark your board by keeping your knees bent and leaning forward – in anticipation of pushing off your board to run off your board;
  4. Ensure you have your paddle in the correct hand to avoid getting tangled and you can run with your paddle like a spear in your hand!
  5. Remember to strip off your leg rope before you get into your surf stance to free yourself before you run to the finish line!
  6. Race finishes can be tricky! Timing and coordination mean your disembarkment is successful or goes horribly wrong! If out of practice err on the side of caution and go on your knees at the shore break and get off your board safely and avoid injury to yourself

Good Luck!
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