What constitutes a STRONG paddler?

Posted by Joanna on January 24th, 2020

Wondering if you have what it takes to join us for our Social SUP sessions?

easter social paddle

You can always get in touch and tell us your SUP story… then we will be only too happy to offer you our best recommendations

Peeps often opt for a Private (or sometimes Group lessons) with us prior to signing up to our Social Paddles. This way we get a great opportunity to work on your technical skills (as well as have a great exploration of course!) and advise you if you’re ready to join the cool gang or if you need a few more sessions to get you up to speed.

In terms of ‘strong SUPing ability’ – what we mean by this is that your SUPing ability has a combination of the following:

  • ability to control & steer your board effectively & proactively
  • A practical understanding of the technical aspect of how to drive your board in a forward direction as well as work your paddle.
  • A good level of endurance on or in the water &
  • A good fitness base as a SUPer (we paddle for up to an hour, covering distances of 5k and more.

If you are relatively new to the sport of SUP it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t join the cool gang. We’re all about supporting people developing their art of SUP and our Social Paddles are a great opportunity to progress and build up your skill set. The guiding factor here is that our Social Paddles are NOT a ‘how-to-paddle’ session but rather about giving paddlers an opportunity to practice their already- existing SUP skills and advance on their endurance and fitness, all whilst making friends and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.

We hope we can inspire more and more people to take on the sport of SUP and
enjoy the benefits of the social, physical, and spiritual aspects of paddling on top of the water!

We hope to see you on the water soon!


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