SUP Flat Water Racing

Posted by Joanna on May 20th, 2020

Travelling from Point A – Point B in open water, includes varying distances you can race as well as course layout. Flat Water Racing can be anything from a short straight line sprint to a marathon course with turning buoys to guide the correct course. ⁠

Top Tips:
- Know the distance and type of course before you begin your training. Different distances and locations will determine the type of training you will need to consider – are you training for short sprints in a straight line? Or are you training for middle distance with some technical skills such as turning around buoys? Or are you training for a marathon distance requiring more focus on long distance endurance and even marathon specific nutrition training.⁠

- For all races, it is important you know the course well, before setting off. Whether it’s a short sprint race or a marathon – pacing is the absolute key to a successful race! Go too hard at the start and you can blow out well before the finish line (even in a 100m sprint!), Alternatively go too easy at the start and you lose maximising on your strong finish! Pace training for all distances is key for any sport including SUP racing!⁠

- Some say to conserve your energy and “keep with a pack” to aim for a sprint finish at the end. However, you do need to know your own pace threshold to assure yourself that you have enough gas left in the tank for your sprint finish ..go with a pack at too fast a pace for your own threshold, skill and endurance and you risk the entire pack sprint paddling to the finish line without you! A more sensible tip is to train as best you can and then run your own race, we love a Steven Bradbury story!

APP Tour Race: London Sup Open | New York Sup Open | Osaka Sup Open | Paris Sup Open⁠
Best Board: ESC Cruiser | BIC SUP Cross⁠

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