Spring is in the air

Posted by Watssup Staff on September 14th, 2018

watsons bay stand up paddling spring

Grab your friends and you SUP for free?! 

  Even WE need some motivation sometimes!
…So how about we help get you and your mates back into SUPing!?

For the entire SPRING SEASON bring 2 friends along to any GROUP SUP lesson, CRUISE** or even a SUP Training** session and you can come for FREE!
You read it right… 3 of you can come for the price of 2 - so whether you shout a friend to join you for free, or split the price of 2 between the 3 of you – whatever floats your boat (or board in this case!)

No special code needed! Simply choose your favourite date until 30 November, select 3 persons and you’ll only pay for 2. It’s that simple!  BOOK HERE TODAY!

And please don’t wait too long as this offer will only be available until the end of September (but you can book into any dates until 30 Nov!)

**SUP CRUISES and SUP Training require previous SUP experience and inappropriate for non-SUPers or complete beginners ;)  If in doubt, give us a shout!

Save South Head!

We love Watsons Bay and the National Park that surrounds it.  Please help theSAVESOUTHHEAD campaign which is trying to stop developers running a wedding function factory in our beloved National Park! Talk about losing nature, serenity, let alone the precious history that presides all along South Head.

Please please please voice your objection to this ludicrous plans to sabotage what should be a national treasure!

You can read more and ways to object here
#savesouthhead @savesouthhead

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