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Posted by Watssup Staff on March 8th, 2019

Clean Up Australia Day 2019!!

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Clean Up Australia Day begun 30 years ago as a single clean up of Sydney Harbour, organised by Ian Kiernan, an Aussie guy with a vision, who wanted to make a difference! Ian sadly passed away in October last year, so here at WATSSUP we felt it was especially important to make a contribution to Clean Up Australia Day 2019. Not only to show our respect for Ian and his amazing work but also to create awareness and encourage the community to keep the environment clean not only on this day but EVERY DAY.

We would like to thank everyone who turned up to help us on our clean up of Watsons Bay on Sunday- you guys are AWESOME!

If you weren’t able to attend a clean up but would like to make a contribution to this amazing organisation that work so hard to keep our beautiful country clean of litter and pollution you can make a donation here.

clean up australia

What else can you do to help?

There is no quick fix to keeping Australia and our oceans clean – Everybody must make a conscious effort to consistently makes the right choices to keep Australia rubbish & pollution free!

clean the ocean

Every Sunday morning we have our social paddle at 9.00am where we always start the session off by walking the length of Watsons Bay and picking up any litter we find and putting it in the bin – so if you are an experienced SUPer and would like to join us on our Sunday morning social paddles then BOOK your spot HERE

We look forward to seeing you on the water!


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WATSSUP Watsons Bay Stand Up Paddling
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