Posted by Joanna on May 14th, 2020

Surfing but on a paddleboard and with a paddle in hand


- Know how to paddle well before you encounter a surf break environment! Leg rope is a MUST at all times! Find a break that’s quiet and isolated and away from other surfers. Respect surfing rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the water!! Be aware you need at the very minimum 10 feet of space between you and the next board rider (and remember don’t be a tosser when it comes to sharing waves or respecting other users.⁠

- To paddle surf. Paddle hard enough to get onto the wave. When you are about to enter the face of the wave (ie catch the wave), step back into your surfing stance to prevent the nose of the board getting stuck in the water and also to be ready to maneuver the board to surf the wave. Make sure you always maintain a soft knees stance to absorb most of the sudden bumps or movement and always keep your eyes up and definitely use your paddle for balance but also to help you surf the wave. ⁠

APP Tour Race: Cascais Pro-Am, Portugal | Barbados Pro, Barbados | Gran Canaria Pro-Am, Spain⁠
Best Board: Mal SUP Board | BIC SUP Performer 9’2⁠
Performance SUP Surf Board |8’2 C-TEC Wave Pro ⁠

sup surfing

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