SUPing with Distance and Safety | Covid19 Update

Posted by Joanna on March 25th, 2020


In accordance with current rules of a maximum of 2 people out in public spaces, here at WATSSUP we have closed our group sessions at the moment and have opened up our Private Lessons every day of the week with the added choice of 60 mins or 90 mins sessions.

We’ve even gone one step further and are now offering packs of 3 x Private SUP sessions to help our SUPers create a routine of much needed physical exercise and get a dose of Vitamin Sea to boot!

Grab a pack of 3 x Private SUP sessions and Up your SUP-infused exercise routine:
Choose your SUP duration from:
1. 60 min SUP sessions x 3 pack for $270 – that’s $90 per 60 min Private SUP session
2. 90 min SUP sessions x 3 pack for $360 – that’s $120 per 90 min Private SUP session

Utilise your Private SUP session to:
- Learn a new fitness activity, or
- Improve your SUP technique and get yourself fitter than you have ever been before or
- Clear your headspace to help you stay focused and balanced through these turbulent and challenging times. We are here for you!

Book either a 1 or 1.5 hour One-on-One SUP session here and get yourself back on the water and immerse yourself into a” holiday” without going anywhere too far from your home base!

25 March 2020

As you are all aware by now the current health crisis (Covid19) has meant for all us to restrict our contact with each other and even reduce our outings for the very minimal necessities.

We’d like to plead to our community of SUPers to please take the necessary steps if you are a risk or at risk of contracting the virus to help contain this epidemic.

For the rest of us who are healthy and are able to safely and responsibly partake in some form of activity, here at WATSSUP we are grateful to be able to continue to operate (for now!) and support our community with our non-contact and safe SUPing services.

We are continuing to offer SUP lesson and our social SUP sessions but of course we are also adhering to the current restrictions and precautions from authorities including:

  • Maintaining small numbers to an absolute maximum of 10 people SUPing at any one time
  • Adhering to a no – contact and appropriate distancing policy at all times – we are opting for a shaka each time we greet our clients as well as our staff and ensure whilst our paddleboards keep a natural distance from each person, we will also ensure we maintain the space at each and every launching opportunity
  • We absolutely love our coffees and chinwags post social paddling with our beloved SUPers, but at this point in time, we will conclude our all paddle sessions with returning our equipment for the scheduled wash downs and eliminate any gathering until it is again safe to do so
  • We are washing down all SUP equipment with appropriate sanitation measures after each paddle as well as any contact with our WATSSUP van
  • All our sessions will maintain a low or aerobic pace and place focus both on mental and physically active health & wellbeing.

Now more than ever we all need to maintain one’s daily dose of vitamin SEA whilst working from home or simply needing to remain active and fit to support our immune systems. We are also working on a few extras to bring to you, hopefully if we can maintain our current situation and not need to escalate our safety measures any further. Please stay tuned and if you need some sanity back into your daily ritual feel free to get in touch with us!

#weareallinthistogether #staysafe #staycalm #supcure

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