SUP Downwind Runs

Posted by Joanna on May 15th, 2020

Involves paddling downwind on the open water in very high wind conditions which creates continuous running swells and bumps which you can ride for miles on end if you’re good at it! You are normally travelling down a straight line usually from Point A – Point B.⁠

- Similar to that of SUP Surfing, but with a very different type of board! You want to try and catch a swell and then connect the runs. Generally you will stand further back on your long downwind board, paddling square on in order to catch a swell, then moving into your surfing stance to ride the run .When you fall off the back of a run, you may move square on again and slightly forward to paddle down another swell and so forth.⁠

APP Tour Race: Maui Pro-Am, Hawaii⁠
Best Board: SUP Race Board | RS Air GLide (CFL) 14’0 or RS (SF) 14’0⁠

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