SUP Ocean Racing

Posted by Joanna on May 19th, 2020

Enter and exit through the surf break with a distance paddle race in between. AKA BOP racing.

Originating from the famous Battle of Paddle Race originating in California which no longer runs there are plenty of versions and courses in open water environments to challenge one’s SUP racing skills.⁠

SUP Ocean Racing is a combination of Downwind Racing and Sup Surfing. This type of SUPing usually requires at least a 12ft race performance board. ⁠

Top Tips: ⁠

- To paddle over a breaking wave, paddle with speed towards the face or broken wave, upon approaching the wave, switch to surfing stance, accelerate, and paddle up and over the wave pushing the board forward and then push the nose of the board downwards as you get over and at the back of the wave. Continue race paddling with neutral stance. ⁠

- Turning around a course buoy – herein lies lots of practice and endurance training! Approach the turning buoy with speed, prepare to switch to surf stance and pivot tight around the buoy and ready yourself to switch back to neutral as your spin round the buoy, all whilst you battle to disentwine your paddle and board with other racers paddles and boards and remain on your board to continue racing!⁠

- Coming into the wave zone, prepare to slide way back on your board, go into surfing stance with a wider stance than normal if necessary, glide straight or pivot your board to surf the wave and line yourself up for the finish line or perhaps (and depending on the course and race direction) ready yourself for another turning buoy in the surf break and take on the course for another lap!⁠

APP Tour Race: Red Bull Heavy Water, San Francisco | Battle of the Paddle Huntington Beach California⁠
Best Board: SUP Race Board | SIC BULLET 12’6” x 30”

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