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Posted by Watssup Staff on February 1st, 2018

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Valentines Day 

The day of lurvveee is right around the corner (16 days to be exact!). If you’re having trouble with what to do with your significant other, or even what to do that weekend for all you Valentines Day non-believers – look no further, we have you covered!

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For all you lurvers we have some lurve packages:

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Semi-private SUP session plus a romantic Doyles seafood picnic (ooh la la!) - Enquire Here

What are the benefits of team activities and why should businesses do it?

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”  – Michael Jordan

Most businesses and companies organise some sort of team activity, whether it being a team trip away to a tropical island, a day out of the office doing crazy obstacle courses or even just your casual drink in the local pub. The purpose remains the same; to bring the team together to improve productivity and motivation.

Team activities provide experiences outside the workplace that encourages members to contribute towards a common goal. The success of most organisations depends on the ability of individuals to build and work together as an effective team. The benefits of team-building activities are so significant that many businesses have incorporated team building strategies into their standard training curriculum. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Improves morale and leadership skills
  • Identifies the barriers that discourage creativity
  • Defines objectives and goals
  • Improves processes and procedures
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves the ability to problem solve
  • Creates a healthy workplace 

Not to mention that it is (..well should be) FUN! Need ideas on what to do… Stand Up Paddling!

Our team sessions encourage all of the above, whilst on the water in Sydney Harbour. Make your teams sessions fun, unique and memorable! Get active and salty! Enquire Here

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