Virtual Molokai 2 Oahu

Posted by Joanna on June 9th, 2020

The auspicious Molokai 2 Oahu paddle race has been cancelled this year due to COVID19, however the organisers are creating a silver lining by hosting a virtual race! This means we can all now get involved in this amazing event and get bragging rights to boot!!

The 2020 Virtual Edition of the Moloka’i-2-O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships (M2O) will be open to ANYONE ANYWHERE and ANYTHING GOES. Paddle what you want where you want. Crazy times call for crazy measures.

If you need to set yourself a Winter SUP challenge now is your chance. Enter the M2O race as either a team under WATSSUP or go it as a Solo paddler and start your training this weekend.

**when you’ve entered make sure to share your entry with us so we can get excited with you and support your training too!


Whilst the virtual Molokai is only half the distance of the real thing, 16 miles equates to just under 26kms! For the coming months we’re introducing 2 hour SUP training sessions every Saturday and Sunday at 8am. Bring your own SUP, borrow one of ours, but bring your energy and some SUP enthusiasm to push your SUPing to another level!

8am Saturdays & Sundays – BOOKINGS essential | helps if you’ve entered the Virtual M2O! | ask us about a training regime to get you on the start line!

Click here to Book

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