Check out what our WATSSUP Training Team has been up to!

Posted by Watssup Staff on March 24th, 2016

Our WATSSUP Training Members have been smashing out some awesome SUP Training sessions of late – come rain or shine! They are unstoppable!

As a treat, and also to shake things up a little we thought we would do something a little different last Saturday. We took everyone on a SUPFARI! Yes a SUPFARI all the way to Uminia! The entire gang trucked up north and paid Mana SUP a visit and took all of Paul Quirk’s expert tips on how to surf a SUP out at Kiddies Corner! The proof was in the pudding…..everyone caught a record breaking amount of waves because of their paddling skills and their fitness! Interesting note, was comparing the ‘non – surfers’ versus the ‘surfers’. The veterans surfers ate it initially, while the non-surfer rookies relied on their SUP skills to come up the first half of the session! Yeeeeeewwww!

It was such an awesome day and one we plan to do again soon!

Check our SUPFARI video!

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